Quality policy and quality objectives

Our main goal at Eurosped International Road Carrier & Forwarding Ltd. is to provide high quality warehousing, logistics, forwarding and customs services to our clients. We work hard to ensure the satisfaction of our consumers while we are also taking care of the environmental factors. Sustainable development is in the center of our innovative, forward thinking philosophy, making it easier to work together with our partners and to provide outstanding assistance.

The fulfilment of our business policy goals is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System introduced in 1994.

minőségpolitka tüv logóIn 1995 we received the TÜV-CERT quality certificate as a haulage company among the first companies in Hungary, and ever since we have renewed it yearly. 

Currently our international haulage, customs agent and warehousing-logistics activity is certified by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Regarding to further social roles of Eurosped P.H. Co. Ltd., in 2005 the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System  Environment-focused Management System was introduced and certified.

We have third-party insurance as a haulage contractor combined with customs and warehousing activities with the upper limit of EUR 250,000.

minőségpolitka aeo logóIn 2011 we obtained the AEOC customs simplifications certificate, which makes Eurosped P.H. Co. Ltd. an even more reliable and safe partner in the administrations of customs-related duties.

This way the Eurosped’s Customs branch has become a safer, more reliable and precise partner at customs administration.

minőségpolitka eoq logó

The Eurosped P.H. Co. Ltd. was certified in 2014, through the membership of the Hungarian National Bank, as a member of the European Organization for Quality.


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